Whole30 – Day 5

Today has been and very very very good day!

First of all I weighed in today for Weigh-in Wednesday and I am down 3 pounds!!! Woohoo!!! That’s a total of 5 lbs lost since I had a come to Jesus moment when I weighed in at the doctors office two weeks ago and decided it was time to get my butt in gear because I was seriously losing control. Sparky weighed in yesterday and he’s already lost TEN pounds!!! Sometimes I hate men and their fast weight losing  lol  but seriously I’m really proud of him, he’s truly committed to this also and we do great when we get focused like this together.

Woke up, weighed, lemon water, protein coffee and then off to work where I enjoyed my veggie breakfast today. Leftover roasted squash and zucchini from last night and it was very satisfying and filling. Felt great to get a head start on my veggie intake so early in the day.img_1043After work I grabbed an almond milk and coffee and went and got my hair cut. I about fell asleep in the chair anyways because I’m still in the sleepy phase of detox and Wendy my stylist had me all relaxed messing with my hair. So drowsy in fact that I forgot to step into the ladies room before I left for my 45 minute drive home…increased water intake, weight loss and a coffee makes for an angry bladder before I made it to home. Yikes.

Once home I had a sweet potato and some pork rinds for lunch. Pork rinds? Yes, pork rinds. Completely paleo and Whole30 compliant as long as you get the ones that just have pork skin and salt listed in the ingredients. They are so good occasionally for the crunch factor that is so often missing in a paleo lifestyle. img_1027

Sparky soon came home and before I knew if it was time to make dinner. One thing that being paleo does is get you in the kitchen cooking constantly.  I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying it tho.

We had chicken wings and broccoli for dinner. Another of my staple paleo meals that we enjoy a lot. I bake the wings after brushing them with coconut oil and sprinkling with some seasoning. img_1042

So that’s pretty much our day! Thanks for following along!

Choose Joy,


Whole30 – Day 4

Yesterday I had the “kill all the things” day. Too grumpy to even blog. Today I’m exhausted but I don’t want to hurt anyone. Food has been on target. I’m just two days ahead of the timeline which is weird for me. Guess that’s what happens when I don’t pre binge.

I’ve actually been in a great mood today minus being tired. Felt better than I have in a while so I know this is working.

Hopefully I’ll get “tiger blood” soon and want to start some fitness. But right now I’m trying to get my body used to eating  fewer calories.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Wednesday has always been my traditional weigh-in day so I guess I’ll weigh in the morning. Whole30 recommends that you don’t weigh for the 30 days so that the focus is good food and feeling good. But I just can’t do it. Watching the numbers change or even stay the same motivates me.

Choose Joy,


Whole30 – Day 2

Well today has actually been an incredible day! I was bracing myself for another day of headaches but they never came.  Only thing that I can figure is that since I was sick for two weeks prior to starting and didn’t eat much of anything particularly junk that this detox won’t be as bad. Or I could be fooling myself and it’ll catch up with me tomorrow.

Started the day off with 16oz of warm water with the juice of half a lemons worth of juice in it. This is part of a water challenge I’m doing with a fitness group I’m in.  This was my second day of doing this and I’ve actually enjoyed it. Here is an article on the benefits of doing lemon water in the morning.  https://wellnessmama.com/35192/benefits-of-lemon-water/

  • img_0997

After water I had my coffee with almond milk which I also add some protein powder to, we aren’t supposed to drink our calories on whole30 but I struggle with getting enough protein in…I had gastric bypass surgery 16 years ago and it’s recommended that I get in 125 grams of protein a day. So this is one thing that I’m going to do that isn’t whole30 this time and see if I still get as good of results. Call it an experiment.

Sparky made some nitrate free uncured bacon this morning for breakfast and it was delightful with my coffee.

Lunch was chicken and apple sausage with cabbage and a sweet potato. So yummy. I haven’t had a sweet potato in so long. Now I remember why I ate them nonstop the first successful whole30 we did. IMG_0998.JPG

2 pkgs of angel hair coleslaw cabbage, 2 pkg of aidells chicken and apple sausage, coconut aminos and garlic & herb seasoning. So tasty.

Dinner we had some lean strip steak and broccoli. Another staple meal and so satisfying.

Had another cup of coffee in the mid afternoon and that’s all the food we had today and amazingly we haven’t been hungry. Feeling really good about the next 28 days!

Choose Joy,


Whole 30 – Day 1


Today Sparky and I embarked on another Whole30.  Our weight raged out of control in 2016. Granted it was a year fraught with illness and injury and moving and blah blah blah one excuse after the other. But we’ve decided to do another Whole30. Our first one was incredibly successful with us losing 65 lbs between us in 30 days. Plus we really like it and once we get past the detox part we aren’t hungry or bored. We have tried doing whole30 since then but our heads weren’t really in the game and we kinda set ourselves up for failure. This time we prepared mentally for it and I know we will be successful. It’s great to have a partner in this adventure and I’m grateful to have Sparky do it with me.

What is whole30? Basically it’s a super strict paleo type food challenge that helps you detox your body from processed foods and reduce the amount of inflammation in your body.  No sugars or sweeteners, no dairy, no grains, no legumes/beans, no alcohol and absolutely no cheating or you go back to day 1. You can’t pay $200 or skip go…it’s strict! I find that I do better with this kind of structure. If I have too much wiggle room I can get real creative and figure a snicker bar into the plan and then it’s all over. The no sugar thing is a big deal too. It allows you to battle your sugar dragon and break the addiction. Once you eliminate sugar from your diet for so long you find you don’t want it as much anymore and cravings are reduced significantly. Do more info on the challenge check out whole30.com  .   The next step in deciding if you want to do a whole30 is to read the book “It Starts  With Food”  it not only explains the science behind the whole30 it also teaches a lot about the food we put into our bodies, plus recipes. img_0967

I’m going to try and blog each day with how things are going.  It will hopefully be another tool to keep me focused.

Day 1 is usually the easiest day, your body isn’t quite in shock yet      We’ve struggled a little today with getting all the calories in because we didn’t go to the grocery until this afternoon.  So it was just eggs and vegetables for breakfast and lunch.  But after a nice dinner of salmon and broccoli we are feeling pretty good.  Lots of water down the pipes too.  Not just down our throats but down the plumbing too, whew all that water has to come out…lots of potty runs today haha!

Time for bed and looking forward to sweet potatoes and sausage for meal 1 tomorrow.

Choose Joy,



Peas is back and THIS is the year for Awesomeness!!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I blogged!

Let’s see if I can do a quick 2012 year in review:

I ran:
3 half marathons
1 10 miler
1 15K
1 10K
1 5 miler
1 4 miler
24 5K’s
& a 1miler
For a total of 33 races for 2012!!
Dang that’s the first time I counted them, what can I say…I LOVE Races!!

I also joined a gym, fell in love with zumba, tried some kickboxing and yoga.
Then I got injured and spent the last half of 2012 trying to recover and train for the Disney Marathon all at the same time. I did manage it and I’ll touch more on that in a future post.

My goal for this year is to chronicle my quest to do the 2014 Goofy Challenge next January. That’s a half-marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Yes, I might just be a little bit insane. But I’m fine with that!

I WANT this Sticker!


Shaking Things Up

Today was day two of my Body by Vi Challenge. I must say it went pretty well. I added sugar free chocolate syrup and strawberries to my shake and, wow, it was yummy!

The addition of the fruit kept me full much longer. I was very busy this morning and didn’t get a chance to have a snack until about 11:30. I had a boiled egg and that kept me going. Unfortunately I had to work until 1:30 and by the time I went to the grocery store and got home for my “lunch time” shake it was 3 o clock and I was famished. I lamented to my hubby about not being able to make my shake at work and he brought me home this…

Another cute little personal blender that I can leave at work! Luckily we have a fridge at work so I’ll be able to whip up a shake at work for lunchtime before I leave on short days and during the lunch hour on my long days! He is so thoughtful!
All in all though I have to say that the shakes are more satisfying and stave off hunger better than I expected. Now let’s just hope they work.

I haven’t gotten in my run in 2 days…tomorrow I have to make some time because I’m planning my next half marathon for February 18th in Gainesville Florida, home of the Fighting Gators…and I WILL come home with an awesome gator medal!


Let’s try this again…

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted in two weeks. I can make all kinds of excuses, but they won’t change the fact that I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I’ve been kind of out of control these past couple of weeks, eating everything in sight and not really putting my all into my running. So today, this very moment, right now I’m making a fresh start. And this blog is a big key to my success, it keeps me accountable for my actions.

Over the past two weeks I did run 2 5K’s but PR’d neither one. My running streak came to an end on the 19th, I kinda blame the streak for part of my frustration. I NEED rest days, by day 19 even doing 1 mile caused me a lot of agony. What I will be doing is focusing on my 5K improvement plan and doing my weekend longer runs to improve my base.

Im also starting the Body by Vi 90 day challenge…this basically consists of having a nutrition/protein shake for breakfast and lunch…I’ll also be having a salad with lunch, healthy snacks and a healthy low carb high protein dinner.
So I weighed in this morning 177.6 and made my first shake.

My new best friends. (got to love that the purple and green theme is represented and don’t you love the little personal blender that Sparky got me, love it!!)

I mixed the shake mix with almond milk…

And made a quite tasty shake…

Seriously, It tasted great! I’m going to really focus on sticking to the shakes this week and see how next Sunday’s weigh in goes…fingers crossed that this is the jump start that I need to knock out these 37 lbs I want to lose!

Here are a few pictures from the 5K’s we did these past two weekends…

Dude, Ethan and HB…Ethan is my Ya-Ya Sonya’s son and this was his first 5K, he’s a natural he finished in just 28 minutes and won 1st place in his age group.

I love these two guys so much! I want to be the best me possible not just for me, but for them!

Dude and HB at the Matanzas 5000, this event raised money for the running programs of the 8 high schools in our county, each school received a check for 1,300 dollars during the award ceremony. Especially dear to my heart because both of these guys have been conditioning and training to try out for the HS track and field team next week for shot put and discus. So proud of them, Good Luck Boys!!